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The Home Search: Where to Look on the Internet - Part II

Purchasing a Home > The Home Search: Where to Look on the Internet - Part II
Date: 01/29/2007    The Home Search: Where to Look on the Internet - Part II

Since its creation over a decade ago, the internet has been making information about all kinds of things easily accessible and available. The internet has definitely revolutionized the way Americans begin the process of searching for a home. There are all sorts of websites that allow potential buyers to search through hundreds of home listings, complete with pictures and all the vital statistics and amenities. The first part of this article described the benefits of searching with and This article explores the advantages of the and
The ever popular continues to be a powerhouse even in the housing and rental market. There is nothing fancy about this website, but the best part is that it is easy to post items to this virtual bulletin board. The ad reaches many people and it’s free!

Most users are limited to four pictures and most of the users will be FSBO’s but some companies also post on this site. Even if you post to a different site, the is a free supplemental website to get viewers looking in the right direction.

However, you will not find any advise, question to answers, or any other additional information to help the novice (unless it’s posted by another user). This is a good website but probably not the best, since many other websites allow you to browse through listings free of charge.
Many do it yourself-ers (buyers or sellers) may turn to as a possible choice. This website has several links to click for additional information but they are not all provided by Clicking will open more windows to different websites. While all of this is useful, it makes navigation a little slow and bombards your screen with multiple windows.

Be careful when searching for property on this website. Several listings were posted by a company promoting foreclosure and offering “free trial.” That says anything but “For Sale By Owner.”

However, there are some redeeming qualities about this website. You can navigate to their “Neighborhood Info” section for information regarding city profiles, city comparisons, crime statistics, cost of living, and even school information.

These websites are only a few among many websites out there. When looking for a site to list or browse, make sure that it is user-friendly and avoid websites that demand contact information to browse their listings (it’s not free and they will certainly try to contact you and take your time.)

If you google home sale listing sites, it takes only a minute or two to figure out how user friendly it is. With so many websites and information at your fingertips you do not need to be boggled down in website quagmires that are designed to loophole you into talking to a realtor or other agent.

For me, pictures are the key. If there are no pictures, why bother browsing the site? As a matter of fact, with digital cameras so prevalent in our society websites (and sellers) should be offering multiple pictures.

All in all have fun, be thorough, try several different search sites to find the best home. Make sure you find a house that you not only feel comfortable in, but that also carries a comfortable price.