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How to Get the Best Mortgage Loan

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Date: 12/05/2006    How to Get the Best Mortgage Loan

Finding the best mortgage loan for your needs can be a complicated process. There are many factors to take into account, including the interest rate, the points and fees, and the length and type of loan. When you are searching for the best deal there are several things you should know and do to get the right home mortgage.

First of all you should figure out your needs, preferences, and financial capabilities. Before you start shopping around you need to determine how much of a home you can afford and what type of funding your credit score will allow you to qualify for. You should also determine how much money you can afford to contribute to a down payment on a home. This will make a big difference in the type of interest rate you can secure. You should also decide what type of loan will best fit your needs, whether itís a 30-year or 15-year term, or a fixed rate loan or adjustable rate mortgage. You should have a good idea of what you want and what you can expect before you start your search.

After you have done your research on your personal situation, it is time to start shopping around to compare programs, rates, and fees offered by different lenders. In this process it is important not only to find the lender with the best loan features but also to find a lender that you feel you can trust. A home mortgage is a huge undertaking and you want to make sure you work with someone who makes you feel comfortable, someone you feel will take good care of you through the years.

Once you find a several trustworthy lenders, it is time to compare their offerings. Start by getting mortgage quotes from all of them. Have them include the interest rate they would offer you on your preferred type of loan as well as an estimate of the closing costs that would be required. Do not forget to ask for a quote on how many points (a point is equal to 1% of the loan total) you have to pay. It is best to get a quote from each lender at a certain interest rate and compare the amount of points and fees attached to that particular rate. That will give you a fair idea of which lender offers the best total package.

Another important piece of information to compare among lenders to get the best mortgage loan is whether private mortgage insurance will be required and how much you will expect to pay. Private mortgage insurance is an insurance policy paid for by the borrower to protect the lender against loss in the event of foreclosure. It is generally required on all loans where the down payment is less than 20% of the home value. The policy can be cancelled after your equity-to-loan balance ratio reaches a certain point, but it can still be a costly expense in the mean time. The amount of money you have for a down payment may not be something you can change quickly, so you may simply have to find the best quoted price for private mortgage insurance.

If you have less-than-perfect credit you may not be able to get exactly the terms you are looking for, but you should still go through the same process of shopping around and comparing to get the best rate for your situation

Getting the best deal on your next home mortgage will be the product of your hard work and understanding of the process. Be aggressive in challenging lenders to find you the best deal. Make them compete for your business in order to get the right mortgage loan for your needs.