Thursday, February 22, 2018
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Fresh Mortgage Leads

Are our Leads FRESH? - Leads are delivered immediately via email in the form of an Express Loan App. People who fill out our applications are borrowers who are actively searching for a mortgage loan.

Are leads resold? - Our leads are never resold or re-marketed after they have been delivered to selected brokers. We only sell fresh leads.

ONLY 6 LENDERS PER STATE - (California has two areas/12 lenders) Since there are only six lenders per state, listings sell quickly. Our listings display in random order each time the pages reload, giving each company time in the top position.

  1. Borrower searches for a mortgage in a search engine.
  2. Our sites appear high on the results page. The borrower clicks through to our site.
  3. Borrower can then research companies, rates, fees, loan programs and more.
  4. Borrower then proceeds with application.
  5. Borrower selects which companies he/she wants to apply with.
  6. Instantly, the application is emailed to selected companies.
  7. Brokers receive the lead and begin working with the borrower.

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